London UK, an ENIGMA

A city that never sleeps, a city so diverse that race, age, ethnicity is no issue at all. Yes, a city whose day life is rivaled only by its night life. A city that boasts of both quiet suburbs and the noisy, busy, chaotic looks of a thriving city all at once which adds to its appeal as a place to be in.

Blessed with so much culture and history that acts as a lure to the rest of the world, the tourism arm of the city is simply breath taking; From the House of Parliament and Buckingham palace in the West to the Olympic Village in the east, from the Jazz café, Canal museum, Bruce Castle in the North to The elephant and Castle in the South, the city is saturated with tourists who arrive in the city daily to strike“visit London” off their bucket lists. ;

The attraction to London is not only its touristic attractions or its ambiance but also the honeycomb of businesses found in this great nation’s capital.

Look, we all know that the UK boasts very little natural resources compared with many other countries of the world but somehow continues to be one of the richest countries in the world. This is as a result of the tons businesses; both multinational and local. Everywhere you turn in London you see a business and if you look closely another business opportunity waiting to be birthed. I could take you on a journey of the plethora of businesses in London but I am afraid I will bore you at some point which, sadly, is not my aim today. But trust me when I say every industry is covered; from the highly sought after kebab shop (after a late night out), to the massive multinational Arsenal Football Club- Smiley face… Don’t hate… Gunner For Life!!

‘Enter the DRAGON’- Her Majesty’s Revenue And Customs also known as the ‘HMRC’

In layman’s terms, one of the HMRC’s roles is to collect taxes to keep London and the whole country the honeycomb it is, simply put.

That said, every business, be it a sole trader, partner or company has accounting needs. Trust me when I say the accounting need of businesses in general can fill a football stadium, hypothetically that is. They range from choosing a company name and company formation, to greater and much more complicated tax planning issues.

This is where we, ‘The KNIGHT In Shining Armour’ come in to slay the ‘DRAGON’.

Acumen London is an accounting firm of Chartered Accounts based in the heart of London, Canary Wharf, but is not limited by location. We are an accounting firm that understands the culture of this great city and nation, and understand what it takes to run a business or live in this great diverse nation.

We are the chosen ones to take away all your cumbersome business and accounting dilemmas, we help you focus on the business part of things whilst we fight off the DRAGON on your behalf. No matter the accounting need, as long as our ethics are not put into question, we are here to help; as guardians of the business world against the wrath of the HMRC.

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