Our Services

We offer a range of services for you and your business. You can read more about what we offer below or if you want more information you can contact us.


You or your business may need to produce accounts, which can vary from:

  • Charity accounts.
  • Statutory year end accounts.
  • Managerial accounts.
  • Periodical accounts or other business relevant accounts.

Our professional accountants can assist you to prepare all accounts you may need. We will not only produce your accounts but also ensure it is simple, easy to understand and meets both UK and stakeholders’ requirements and, if necessary, international requirements.


Bookkeeping can be time consuming for small businesses. Small businesses often find it hard to employ and train someone to do their bookkeeping to an acceptable professional standard. At Acumen London we have experienced and qualified bookkeepers who can help you. Bookkeeping is the prerequisite of proper, accurate and complete accounts preparation. To achieve this goal, we will provide you with a wide range of specialised bookkeeping services.
We advise you to keep records of daily transactions which will enable us to help your business. Day to day transactions may include:

  • Maintaining sales ledgers.
  • Maintaining purchase ledgers.
  • All other expense schedules, which may also involve tracing out revenue and capital expenditure.

Business Planning or Budgeting

Planning out your business can be a daunting task; a good plan can make the business successful and standout from your competitors. We can assist you to prepare your business plan, so you have complete control over all areas of your business. We can also assist you to prepare your cash flow forecasts, budgets, trading forecasts and other business-related planning.

Business Start-ups

Starting a new business can be intimidating especially if you do not have any prior experience or necessary business compliance knowledge. We love welcoming new businesses and assisting them in setting the business up in their desired format. Some of the support we offer is:

  • Evaluate your ideas in constructive and realistic manner.
  • Establish the most suitable structure for your business, giving our professional advice as to whether to start your business as a sole trader or partner in a partnership business or limited company.
  • Prepare a business plan, cash flow forecasts, budgets and business trading forecasts.
  • Assess your financial needs and advise you on the best sources of finance.
  • Create a working relationship with your bank.
  • Complete all the registration procedures which includes, company formation with Company House, opening new PAYE scheme and VAT registration with HMRC.
  • Deal with company secretarial issues.
  • Plan and establish a suitable recording system for internal use.

Charity Formation

If you are a trustee or running a non-profitable organisation or would like to register a charity in the UK, then we can assist you in your endeavours. We have been serving charities who are involved in various welfare activities in the UK. Our experts can guide and assist you in meeting the necessary requirements of different government agencies to qualify as a registered charity.

Corporation Tax Returns

If you have private limited company, then you must submit a tax return and update HMRC records. Our experts can work with you to minimise your corporation tax liability and to maintain a clean record with HMRC. We can also assist you to meet all the compliance requirements for your company. corporation tax calculation, reporting obligations, maintaining deadlines, penalties for noncompliance, can take a huge amount of your important time which can be utilised in growing your business. We will offer you range of services to relieve you from these extra burdens.

Company Secretarial
As a director or owner, you require a substantial amount of time to operate your business smoothly and in an effective manner. We can help by offering our services which include:

  • Find the availability of your chosen company name.
  • Company formation which includes opening minutes, resolutions, director and secretary appointments, authorised share capital and issued share capital.
  • Preparation and filing of your statutory returns.
  • Safeguarding and proper maintenance of your statutory books and documents.
  • Keep you up to date on company laws.

Individual Tax Planning

Whatever your business is, at the end of the day you should be enjoying the maximum benefits of your business. Having an effective tax plan ahead of the tax year can enable you to enjoy the most savings. It will depend on you, whether you wish to maximise your saving on tax and other liabilities. We can assist you to accurate plan so you can choose the most suitable option according to your business circumstances. 

Payroll /PAYE services

If you are an employer, then you will need to maintain an accurate payroll system. We can provide a complete professional service for your payroll, which will include: all the calculation of tax and national insurance contributions, statutory sick pays, producing periodical payslips, P45, P60, submitting PAYE information to HMRC in real time basis (RTB) and all other relevant submissions.


If you are running a business or working as a director, you will need to do your self-assessment for tax returns, as professional accountants we can assist you to do your self-assessment for tax returns, we will also advice you how to minimise your tax liability, so you can be better off.

TAX & HMRC Investigations

The HMRC does not normally carry out investigations, mostly on suspicion of fraudulent activities. However, this could be part of their routine work and random checks. Investigation could be short and simple or could be deep and time consuming. If you are going through an HMRC investigation or expecting to be investigated, we can deal with HMRC on your behalf. Once you leave the matter with us, we will ensure your interests are protected and dealt with by professionals.

VAT Returns

Once you become liable to register for VAT, you can choose to register yourself or we can assist you to register for VAT and prepare all the necessary accounts and returns. We will ensure that you and your business enjoy the maximum benefits of being VAT registered.

Other professional services

We do offer other professional services apart from accounting. If you need a professional representation, which may not be regular accounting services, for example: meeting with bank loan managers, meeting with suppliers, analysing or evaluating business proposals and other relevant business issues, we have people with business expertise working with us that can support your needs.