Our pricing policy is simple and straightforward. We strictly follow an Upfront Pricing policy. We will not charge you if we have not told you the price upfront. The prices for our services are determined individually through negotiations and considering all individual circumstances, which may depend on the followings:

  • Legal form and the nature of the business.
  • Way of keeping accounting records and handling them.
  • VAT returns applicability.
  • Amount of transactions or frequency of transactions.
  • Number of employees in your enterprise and other individual circumstances.

Whatever your circumstances are, we will always let you know  our fees and charges beforehand. Our prices are simple, competitive and FIXED .

Once we agreed on a price through discussions we will provide you a written agreement of services, which can be used for any future reference. Usually you will pay a fixed amount each month for our regular services and your usual accountancy needs.

Please feel free to book a free consultation. We will learn about your business and know you , so we can discuss what are the services you may need.